Electron User

Superman: The Man Of Steel

Author: David McLachlan
Publisher: Tynesoft
Machine: BBC/Electron

Published in Electron User 6.08

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Superman. Tynesoft now brings that hero of the comic book on to your Electron. The software comes on what looks like a C90 cassette - it's a massive program. This is a multi-part game like many of Tynesoft's latest packages, but unlike some, each section must be completed before you are allowed to progress to the next.

The story so far: Mysterious earthquakes and volcanoes threaten to devastate the Earth. Lois Lane and the Governor have been taken aboard a hi-jacked yacht by terrorists and what's more, two of Superman's most dangerous enemies are against him.

The playing screen is divided into two areas. On the left is a control panel showing the currently active super power, your strength, score and so on. The right hand side contains the window where all the action takes place.

Superman: The Man Of Steel

Adopting the role of Superman, you first have to meet Professor Corwan at Star Laboratories, but on the way you encounter the Parademons. In this first stage you must kill the demons with your laser eyes or by thumping the living daylights out of them with superhuman strength. A quick blast of super breath helps keep them at bay while you gather strength.

Select Superman's mode of assault by pressing the SHIFT key. Icons on the left of the screen will display what mode you are in. As soon as you kill a couple of Parademons more are born through the Boom Tube which drifts down from the sky just when you think you have wiped them out.

Some of the demons ride concussion cannon firing concussion clouds as they approach. Come into contact with one and your energy level quickly falls. If you manage to polish off enough demons within the time limit another scene will load. You will now immediately go to the SS Atlantis, the yacht where Lois and the governor are being held hostage.

Superman: The Man Of Steel

Using your super-strength kick, breath, punch and fight your way along the deck of the Atlantis dispatching any terrorists on the way. Free the governor and fly off with Lois to Star Laboratories. If only it was this easy - the bad news is that the terrorists are equipped with laser cannon and seem to have the strength of ten men, so venture cautiously.

On arriving at Star the professor tells you that he must go to the laboratory in a space shuttle to gather important data concerning the seismic activity of the planet. You have to guide the shuttle through an asteroid storm riddled with Kryptonite. Again using your super-powers, punch the asteroids and zap the Kryptonite with your laser vision.

After hours of practice this third stage is the furthest I have reached. The goal is to battle through five more stages and reach the end where you must destroy the geo-distruptor situated in the core of the Lexcorp Satellite station.

Superman: The Man Of Steel

The game, although very playable, is by no means easy and the first stage may leave you somewhat frustrated after a while. Once you have got through it and on to the next level you'll be curious as to what lies ahead on future levels, making you all the more determined.

There is one annoying fault with this otherwise excellent game. When you die you have to rewind the tape back to the beginning and reload virtually the whole lot. Apart from that, Superman is super.

* * * Second Opinion (By Roland Waddilove) * * *

Superman could have made Golden Game this month, but for two things - it's difficult and you have to reload every time you get killed.

The graphics are superb and the gameplay is exciting and addictive. The sound is minimal, but this wasn't really noticeable. It's a pity you can't practice any section you want as this would have made the game far more enjoyable.

David McLachlan

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