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Super Stunt Man
By Codemasters
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #47

Super Stunt Man

Relive the days of Hollywood an' all vat an' everyfin'... that's the prospect promised by Code Masters' latest "release". The action in Super Stunt Man takes place over a vertically scrolling landscape with you driving a mega-speedy stunt car.

Along the route you must negotiate your way over jumps, through rocks and around pools, all the while dodging other cars. The director of the film is an impatient man, however, and only allows you three takes - so you'd better get your 'act' together. Haw, haw! [Shut up! - Ed]

How can I put my opinion on this game simply?

I know... it's rubbish!!

The graphics are naff, the sound weak and the gameplay boring. What more can be wrong? Well, there's the bad control method, the delays, etc, etc....

A poor release even at three quid. Avoid!