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Super Sega
By U. S. Gold
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #71

Super Sega

Not, as you might expect the latest ridiculous hero from Marvel Comics, rather two conversions from the famous arcade chappies. (So that's alright then.) Let's take a look.

Crack Down

Ben Breaker knows no fear; he hums the theme from Psycho while showering. Andy Attacker also knows no fear; he uses his real name in pubs. Together the fearless duo have sworn to liquidate Special K, evil genius and cereal killer, by infiltrating his secret HQ and blowing it to Kingdom come (a small village outside Chiswick). Basically it's Gauntlet again, except in split-screen monochrome and with even smaller graphics - not to mention the limited ammo, overly tenacious baddies and confused, frustrating gameplay. Next!

Super Monaco Grand Prix

Drive, drive and drive again in this, um, driving game. Unremarkable graphics do nothing for the insipid gameplay - the few wazzy features (such as rear-view mirror and cars with up to seven gears) can't save a racer that docks you time for some crashes and zaps you outright for others. Close, but no banana (as they say).

Alas, not even remotely super - there are plenty of better versions of both games around. (So have a look at one of those instead.)

Jon Pillar

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