Your Sinclair

Super Robin Hood
By Codemasters
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #19

Super Robin Hood

This new Code Masters budget game will have you all of a-quiver with excitement! From the opening blood stirring music to the blood red sunset that Super Robin soulfully surveys at the end, bloody war is the name of the game and carnage is what you'll end up with if you play it right.

As the mega-muscled Robin, your task in this joystick and keyboard compatible platform caper is to rescue Maid Marian from the clutches of the wicked Sheriff, who has her all tied up in Notts. Robbo goes solo in his quest, with no help from his good buddies, Little John, Friar Tuck and Will Scarlet. But who needs help when you can duck, jump and scale ladders with such boundless agility! Mind you, you'll need all the Errol Flynnery you can find to get round the medieval monsters - rancid rats, spooky spiders and other assorted 'orribles - that the Sheriff sends against you.

Your health factor starts at 99, but constant contact with the creepies wears it down and when you hit the big 0 you become an ex-Robin. And don't jump prematurely from ladders and platforms, or it'll be cock-up, not Cock Robin. There are assorted tablets round the castle that'll perk up your health, and if you're nifty with the old bow and arrer you can stick the Sheriff's guards with more quills than a porcupine - a great way to get lots of lovely bonus points.

Keys and red hearts are also lying round the castle (some people are so careless!) which'll boost your bonus too. They're usually in the most inaccessible crooks and nannies, though, so keep your eyes peeled. The keys will let you operate the lifts to the various sections of the castle until you reach your goal - the East Tower, where the love of your life is pining for you.

Super Robin Hood isn't the most sophisticated platform you'll fall over, but its clear graphics and easy scrolling action give it instant appeal. And 'cos it has no time limit you can be a little more constructive in your game play than usual. It's sound, but no real fury.

Rick Robson

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