Electron User

Super Golf
By Squirrel
Acorn Electron

Published in Electron User 1.06

I've never played golf in my life. My only memory of playing anything like it was taking my dad on the putting green at Gynn Square, Blackpool more years ago that I care to remember. So you can see that I'm not really all that well qualified to judge how realistic Super Golf from Squirrel Software is. I do, however, know a good game when I see one, and Super Golf is just that.

What you get for your money is a gentle and amusing simulation of a golf course, with all 18 holes and the usual hazards such as bunkers, ponds and the wind. When you load the game the first thing you get is a list of instructions. These are a model of simplicity, but be warned - you can't get back to the instruction page from the main program. I advise taking notes the first time you run the game, though you'll soon pick up how to play it.

After the instructions page comes the game proper. The Electron displays one fairway at a time, viewing the course from the side. It then asks you to select which club you want and what strength shot you are going to use. At first it's all a matter of trial and error. Do you use a nine iron or the wedge? Do you hit the ball with a force of 99 or a more moderate 30?

Soon, however, you learn the uses of all the clubs and are quite happily knocking the ball all over the place. And in my case it really is all over the place! I don't know why it is, but my ball seemed to have a morbid fascination with every bunker on the course. Happily I'd chosen the one player version of the game so when I displayed my score card at the end of each round I was the only person I embarrassed.

The game was fun, entertaining and engrossing. I may never play golf but I'll certainly be playing Super Golf again. It makes a great change from zapping aliens, even if I'm not very good at it. Mind you, I do have an excuse for my poor performance. I was feeling under par at the time.

Nigel Peters

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