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Your Sinclair

Summer Santa
By Alpha-Omega
Spectrum 48K/Plus

Published in Your Sinclair #9

Summer Santa

A program arrives at Alpha Omega, featuring Santa Claus. What to do? Wait till Crimble to put it out? Call it Summer Santa and release it in the middle of a heatwave, hoping nobody notices the incongruity? That's more like it!

Even if you swallow the time slip you won't ignore the fact that Jet Set Santa is a flasher! The bearded old sprite flickers like a strobe light in a disco.

Plotwise, it's collect the pressie from the grotto (and theres more grot than 'Oh!' in this game) and deliver it to the stocking. Remember that bit about '...all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...'? Not in this place? It's alive with barking dogs; rampant with wandering whatevers; tedious because you've seen it a thousand times before!

It's insane to release this, even at £1.99, when Mastertronic is offering so much more for the price, but then again, there never was any sanity clause in the software industry.

Gwyn Hughes

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