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Summer Games 2
By U. S. Gold
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #129

When it appeared, Summer Games took the software market by storm. there was no sports simulation to match it. Rather than simply being a follow-up, Summer Games II is even more impressive. The format of the two programs are similar, part two is simply slicker and more enjoyable.

Eight events are offered - triple jump, rowing, javelin, equestrian, high jump, fencing, cycling and kayaking. Unlike other packages I've seen, most of the games do not require constant wrist breaking thrashing of your joystick. Having said that, the control of some of the events takes some getting used to. Fortunately, a practice mode is available allowing you to get the knack of each even. Two joysticks can be used and up to eight players can take part.

Each event is portrayed in excellent multicolour mode with very smooth scrolling as required. The equestrian event is particularly tasty with differential scrolling of the background to give a feeling of depth and parallax. The standard of animation is sUp'erb with full attention to detail. The use of sound is both effective and entertaining. Each event has the sounds of running feet, trashing water or whatever effect is required. Between events there are a wide range of themes including the national anthem of the winner.

As before, the games have both opening and closing ceremonies. The opening is essentially unchanged but the closing ceremony is highly spectacular with very juicy visual effects. The strength of this game lies in its accuracy, addictive quality and pure attention to detail. An excellent touch is that if you possess part one of Summer Games, there is an option to combine the two so that you can compete in 16 events - nice one!

My advice is simple, forget the rest, buy this package - you won't regret it.


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