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Home Computing Weekly

Suicide Strike
By Tronix
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #97

So you want to be a jet pilot? In Suicide Strike you can be six. As Squadron Leader, you command planes flying through wave after wave of enemy forces on a one-way bombing mission deep into the heart of foreign territory.

The screen display is rather odd: the screen border shows the interior of a cockpit and the view through the windshield, yet this view consists of the actions of the plane you are currently flying! Interesting space-time topology, to say the least. The action is 3D. Your plane and the enemy forces cast a shadow on the ground and part of the strategy is knowing how high to fly for a particular wave: ground-hugging to take out the tanks, higher to shoot down the helicopters.

You're flying with a limited fuel supply and against the clock, so you have to trade off airspeed against fuel consumption. Your plane banks as you veer left and right, so with practice you can aim your rockets diagonally across the screen to attack the enemy.

Suicide Strike is a nice implementation and features Novaload, so you can get it into your machine quickly.