Author: Ben Stone
Publisher: Bulldog
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #44


While taking an unfortunate short cut on a visit to the planet Zuggi, diplomat Carlin is mugged and robbed of all his belongings and clothes. To return to the very distant comforts of Earth, Carlin must somehow get back his clothes and re-cover his body.

Carlin's clothes have been scattered by his loutish attackers around Zuggi's flick-screen central shopping area. Items of his wayward wardrobe may be found in certain shops, but often these can't be retrieved till the shop is open for business. By touching the closed doors of such shops Carlin can discover their opening times and plan his campaign of clothes - collection.

Carlin makes his way through a succession of chemist shops, butchers, supermarkets, changing rooms and saunas - he even visits the mayor's house. But he can't get into some areas, because he's not suitably attired. So he has to dress himself...


As he moves up and down and through the different levels of the shopping centre, Carlin can discover useful items to help in his quest: stopwatches, gold padlocks, coloured keys, energy beams, corks, spectacles, clay apples and typewriters. He can carry up to five objects at a time.

But all Carlin's hard work can be quickly undone if he encounters one of Zuggi's roving band of thieves.

Running around in the buff searching for something to cover your all-too-apparent modesty is exhausting work. So Carlin must top up his continually flagging energy and hunger levels by taking every opportunity to eat and sleep.


Joysticks: Cursor, Kempston, Sinclair
Graphics: some colourful screens, but little variety
Sound: poor spot FX

Ben ... 32%

'This bears a striking resemblance to David Jones's Magic Knight games in the pulldown menu systems and the overall feel and appearance. But Streaker isn't a patch on them. The gameplay is dull, and this kind of repetitive 'find and use the right object in order to find and use the next' game has just about bitten the dust.'

Paul ... 42%

'Cor! This makes a change. I haven't seen an arcade adventure for ... umm ... well, half an hour at least. Putting all the unoriginal originality comments aside, I found that Streaker is quite good fun, but it's very hard to get into. There's a massive number of objects lying around but only a few pockets to put them in, which means going backwards and forwards all over the maze trying different objects in the same place. All this can get tedious and boring very quickly.'

Ben StonePaul Sumner

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