By Virgin Games
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #45


"Dare you accept this mission?" - that's the tempting lure for the "new and improved" Strangeloop.

Strangeloop first came out for the Spectrum towards the end of last year. The C64 version, promises Virgin, has "completely new puzzles and enhanced graphics".

But the plot remains the same. Your mission is to regain control of a robot factory on the edge of a far distant solar system.


The factory has been invaded by an alien force which is re-programming the robots as they come off the production line, turning them into fierce killers.

The action ranges over 250 locations - only 240 with the Spectrum - and the aim is to find the control room.

Armed with just a laser gun and an old leaky space suit, your spaceman must brave the perils of no oxygen, zero gravity, soaring temperatures and sharp pieces of industrial waste.

The graphics and sound are good and the joystick gives smooth and easy control of the spaceman.

It also comes with a game save facility.