Home Computing Weekly

By Virgin Games
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #115

This is an arcade adventure game set in a space age robot factory. If you take to this game it will keep you occupied for weeks.

Your objective is to regain control of the robot factory by finding your way to one particular room of the 250 in the complex. The games designers have considerately provided a game save option so you can take overnight breaks. For shorter coffee breaks you can freeze the game as and when required.

As it is an arcade adventure there is no text input to worry about. You move your space person around the screen with the joystick. Any useful items encountered can be pocketed by simply moving over them. Hitting the space bar puts you into pocket mode. This allows you to use and move an item using the joystick.

The screen not only shows you the current room you're in but gives you details of the items in your pocket. There is also a compass which points towards the central room you are trying to get to. In wandering through the various rooms your space suit is likely to get cut by flying metal. The screen shows you how many leaks you have, how many spare patches you have and how much oxygen is left. I found I didn't have much time for repairs though as I was too busy trying not to fall into dissolving baths of chemicals and avoiding other bits of nasty machinery.

The design of the rooms is quite original and generally the game has good graphics. Only the price of the game makes it a debatable buy.


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