Steve Davis Snooker

Author: Julian Rignall
Publisher: CDS
Machine: Atari ST

Published in Computer & Video Games #92

Steve Davis Snooker

Chalk up! If you've ever wanted to play Steve "Interesting" Davis at a game of snooker, now's your chance. Well, not the real Steve, but a digital version who plays almost as well as the real thing. And after playing this new snooker simulation I'm inclined to agree...

Steve Davis Snooker is a traditional computer snooker game in one respect, that the proceedings are viewed from above. There's an options bar at the top of the screen which which you can select the type of game - either ten or fifteen-ball snooker, UK or UK pool, UK billiards or Carom.

There's a one- or two-player option, with six levels of computer opponent ranging from novice to Steve Davis, and you can choose whether the human or computer player breaks first. There are also demo, help and practice options and you can also set up trick shots, or replay a shot in slow motion.

The action is mouse-controlled, and the player is able to adjust the strength of the shot and put spin on the ball before aiming the cue, which is done by placing the cursor where you want the ball to go and pressing fire.

And that's it, in a nutshell. Steve Davis Snooker is a very reactive and playable experience but it suffers from the same problems as all snooker games with aerial views - it just doesn't feel like snooker! Lining up shots is tricky, and the power bar certainly takes a lot of getting used to. Still, perseverance, as they say, reaps its own rewards.

The graphics are crisp, but the balls aren't round - they're nearly square! They move smoothly, though. The in-game sound is poor, comprising a little speech and an unconvincing clicking noise when balls collide, but there's a nice piece of digitised title screen music - the theme from the BBC snooker programme.

If you're snooker loopy (nuts are we...!), you're bound to enjoy the challenge of Steve Davis Snooker, and with its myriad of options and levels, there's plenty of keep true enthusiasts amused for hours on end. Those who prefer their games more accessible are recommended to


A difficult, but brilliantly presented snooker game that's bound to appeal to fans of the sport. Those less enamoured aren't advised to queue up for it.

Atari ST

Identical to the Amiga version in all respects, and the same criticism applies.

Julian Rignall

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