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Steve Davis Snooker

Published in Home Computing Weekly #116

Having been an avid player of CDS's snooker program for the Amstrad, I looked forward to this Enterprise version. Surely with the higher quality graphics, an extra 8K of spare memory and a number of other advanced features, this version would be even better than the excellent Amstrad title? Wrong! The Amstrad version is better, while the Enterprise version looks as if it was rather a rush-job getting it ready for publication.

For those readers that haven't come into contact with CDS's Snooker programs, a brief explanation is necessary. The game simulates graphically the game of snooker. All the balls are in colour and after you have decided exactly where you wish your cue ball to aim for, set the strength of shot and the spin on the cue ball, you fire away!

The action as balls connect and are sent zooming around the table is astonishingly realistic, particularly when you consider the number of calculations as well as screen movements which must be performed. As with a11 versions of this game from the CDS stable, the Enterprise also features a one or two-player game, high score table and short or long game (10 reds to pot as opposed to 15).

1 doubt if you will see a better snooker program on the Enterprise. The table is realistic and provides for a most entertaining computer game. Though it is not as good as the Amstrad, I think that I'll chalk up, put on my imitation World Champion Oversize Glasses and try and get a 147 break on my Enterprise.