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Star Avenger
By Kuma Computers
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #39

Star Avenger

Every software collection needs at least one scramble game and this is a very playable version of the old classic.

There are nine different scenarios to fly through, each one harder than the one before. At the start of a mission you can choose which path you wish to fly, so that you don't spend ages mastering the first few levels in order to reach the harder ones.

You can select from five different skill levels which will keep even a hardened keyboard-basher happy well in 1985.

Star Avenger

The game doesn't seem to like a joystick, though. There are no instructions on the cassette inlay, and the demo sequence made no mention of one.

Leaving the keyboard alone will take you through an impressive title display, showing what happens when you reach the end of a scenario.

Use of colour and graphics is excellent, with some stunning, multi-coloured characters.

Star Avenger

If you only have a green screen then you're missing out on some of the fun, but the game is still worth playing.

Sound effects are fairly tame for a space game like this though. Guns and explosions are replaced by a happy little tune.

Control via the keyboard is always difficult and this is the only drawback to a good, if fairly unoriginal, game.