Stagecoach (Creative Sparks) Review | Big K - Everygamegoing

Big K

By Creative Sparks
Spectrum 48K

Published in Big K #9


You're riding across the desert when you see a runaway stagecoach. You leap onto it, which is about the trickiest manoeuvre in the game, and take the controls. Your destination is San Pedro, but first you have to pick up passengers, negotiate (with the help of a Map mode and signposting) the avalanche prone Sierra Peligrosa, scooping up boxes of gold and ammo en route, and then outrun and outshoot the dreaded Camache Indians.

The first and third sections are littered with cacti and other obstacles. The game is in 3D, but the apparent relationship between objects is very hard to judge and it's pretty annoying to be thrown from your horse by a cactus that doesn't look as if it's anywhere near you. All in all, the animation isn't very successful, the stagecoach, a boxlike affair, particularly does some very odd-looking things with perspective when it's changing direction.

Still, it's entertaining enough and an original concept.