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Home Computing Weekly

Spy's Demise
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #64

This game makes a welcome change from others based wholly on manual dexterity. Its theme is typically American: you against the KGB. The documentation leads you into the Ukrainian diplomatic mission in Pyongyang. Ahem. While tippling in the Bangkok Hilton you have discovered that the KGB has the key to a fortune in computer data in the form of an encoded message. Your task is to avoid the spritely guards through the eleven floors of the diplomatic mission, not once but nine times, building up a score and piecing together the message as it is revealed to you.

If you are one of two UK solvers of the code you can win free software.

You use the joystick or the keyboard's S and D keys to control movement, while the guards patrol continuously. You can pause by pressing P or the Fire button, but this is very difficult, needing quick mental reactions.

Graphics are quite good, and interest is held very well indeed. Needs Extended Basic.


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