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Spitfire '40
By Mirrorsoft

Published in Acorn User #068

Spitfire 40 is a flight program for the BBC B, B+, Master and Electron. You're an inexperienced fighter pilot and it's the summer of 1940. Your aim is to rise through the ranks gaining medals on the way.

A rookie pilot needs practice before facing the enemy. The practice mode of the game allows you to master the techniques of take off, landing and general control of the Spitfire. After a successful landing your flight log may be saved and your level of experience recorded.

The combat mode is the main section of the game, in which you are given instructions detailing the number, height and bearing of enemy planes. Intercepting the enemy increases your experience level.

Spitfire '40

The graphics are reasonable. The instrument panel is adequate, and at low altitudes buildings and other features are visible.

The flight simulation is light years behind AVIATOR. Takeoffs, landings and generally flying are not much of a challenge (the detailed manual states that the program is forgiving of errors in the early stages). It displays almost none of the characteristics of a real aircraft - let alone the touchy, high-performance Spitfire.

This is most definitely a game, not a simulation. However, if you can rise to the challenge of finding the enemy planes, the combat game is quite enjoyable.

Overall, Spitfire 40 is a reasonable arcade game. The idea of working your way up the ranks adds extra interest which just about makes up for its severe limitations in other areas.

Ashley North

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