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By Electric Dreams
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #56


Spindizzy was originally an Amstrad-only release. Now, though, Paul 'Confuzion' Shirley has converted the program for the C64 and Spectrum. An off-shoot of the popular Marble Madness style game found in arcades, Spindizzy provides fast and furious stick-waggling, along with some fairly sticky "lateral thinking" problems!

After loading, the screen displays a list of options, such as fast or slow movement and one or two players.

You are Gerald the Upside-Down Pyramid - honestly! However, you can transform yourself into a pink ball or gyroscope at the touch of the 'I' button.

Your aim in life is to collect as many jewels as possible. They are scattered all over a bizarre land, made from blocks, wafer-thin water and lots of traps! Everything is against the clock.

A useful feature, which could easily have been omitted, ie.e the way in which you can change your viewpoint. The screen is presented in much the same way as the familiar Ultimate layout; a view from a point slightly above and away from the action. As there are so many different types of room - many with a large and complex arrangements of blocks inside - it's extremely helpful to be able to check the situation from four angles.

When your character dies, it will re-appear on the last block you reached safely. This makes gameplay a little easier; when you are trying to negotiate a sticky corner, nothing is worse than having to complete the first half of a puzzle every time you die, before having another attempt at the troublesome part!

In a frantic attempt to get out of trouble, you may be tempted to use the incredible acceleration offered by the fire button.

The maze - which can be viewed from the "map" option - contains lots of puzzles, including lifts, jumps and the rather wonderful lakes. There are rooms which sit atop a deep blue "sheet". They're probably the toughest part of the whole game, as precise movement is essential if you're going to make it through.

Spindizzy is a great conversion. With the interest of a decent challenge, and entertaining gameplay, it should be a hit.