Your Sinclair

Spiky Harold

Author: Phil South
Publisher: Firebird
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #7

Spiky Harold

Don't you just love hedgehogs? Cute little snouty creatures with spiky backs and big dark eyes and likkle wet noses... Well, it you like our little fellows on the forest floor, you'll really burrow into Spiky Harold Goes Hibernating. (Not a ZTT band, although it easily could be.) The winter is fast approaching, and you must eat your way through 57 underground larders before crashing out in your hedgehog pad in the home cavern. You've only got 24 hours to do it, and a host of hazards in your way.

Like most platform games this is really a game of skill, judging the timing of your jumps and learning the best route through the caverns. Considering the price of the game it's not bad, and I guess you could say it narrows the gap between budget games and the full price stuff. But not that much. The graphics are nice and big, and the sound effects are funny. I like Harold, he's so cute and... (Oh, this is where we came In!)

Phil South

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