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The Micro User

By Beebug
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 2.09

Fine, when THe is sorted out

Spellcheck from Beebugsoft is a spelling checker utility

available on disc in two versions

Wordwise or View word processors. The Wordwise version is described here.

The package contained two single sided discs - a program disc and a dictionary disc and a 12 page instruction booklet.

> Following an auto-boot, the system is menu driven through out and basically involves the choice ofdrives, loading of a text (Wordwise) file and selection of the spelling check option.

The textfile is then compared word for word - punctuation, numerics and embedded com mands are ignored - against the supplied dictionary of around 6,500 words.

The base dictionary has a wide range of general usage words with varied endings and a modicum of computer associ ated words, such as algorithm, BBC, binary, micro, processor and program.

> Spelling is English not American, which should be a relief to CP/M software users, and includes some useful slang or abbreviations such as pub, Ltd, eg, ie, phone, telly, mummy and tummy!

When a textfile has been loaded and the spelling check option selected, the user is prompted for an automatic check or an attended check.

In the automatic mode, Spellcheck scans through the text marking unrecognised words. Though checking words against the dictionary is amaz ingly fast, it can be quite tedious to watch it scan a long document and a coincidental coffee break is recommended.

> An average page of 300 words is checked in about two and a half minutes if all the words are also present on the dictionary disc, and about five and a half minutes if none of the words are recognised.

Obviously most normal text checks will be somewhere between the two.

Though it is somewhat tedious to use it is reasonably thorough and I will whole heartedly recommend it when its

one major deficiency is rectified

> similar mistypings as incorrect.

This feature is available in some other spelling checkers and I'm sure could be implemented here. However, I do hear that there are some small program improvements and a more useful base dictionary on the way.

Mike Mahon

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