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Special Delivery
By Creative Sparks
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #38

Special Delivery

Here's a game which you can play while listening to all those great Christmas song LPs you've got stashed away. You know the ones I mean - The Sex Pistols sing Bing Crosby's Greatest Hits or Phil Spector's Christmas Album, Volume 85!

It's a very simple game - Santa has overslept and has only five hours of Christmas Eve left to collect presents and deliver them. His Helpers are dropping the gifts from the sky to help him get around that much quicker - so Santa has to steer his sleigh under the falling presents and pick them up. Once he's got enough, he can start delivering and you move on to stage two of the game.

You must land on the roofs of the houses and climb down the chimneys, avoiding fire balls and falling snow.

Once at the bottom of the chimney, Santa must get to the tree and put his presents underneath it, avoiding sleepwalking children. Then he must find the key to the back door and creep quietly away.

Special Delivery is a game you'll get out and play each Christmas. It's fairly basic when it comes to playability - but none the worse for that. Graphics are pretty and sound adequate.

Special Delivery will make a novel stocking filler for your favourite computer gamer who still believes in Santa!