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Home Computing Weekly

Space Mission Simulator
By Compusoft
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #51

Just look at that price again. Yes, it does say £2.99 and that includes postage and packing. That doesn't mean of course that the program is only worth about three pounds, as you will see, but it is nice to see at least one supplier selling his wares at a reasonable price.

What is this game then? It's based around the idea that you have to scramble for a mission to repel invaders and follows the path you must take to do so. First you have to move as fast as you can to get to your ship. Then you have to carry out all the flight checks and fuelling that your aircraft requiers before finally taking off and shooting the baddies.

The final part is rathermore like a navigation program than an invader game but is still quite interesting. There is certainly nothing of special note about this game, but then what can you expect for the money? It is, however, very well done and has some addictive qualities as I found as I tried to get it to rate my efforts above Disgraceful! Certainly a buy for your spending money. Don't be put off by the price. It is really worth about £5.


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