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Space Harrier
PC Engine (EU Version)/TurboGrafix-16 (US Version)

Published in Computer & Video Games #90

Space Harrier

Sega's Space Harrier caused a sensation when it was released in the arcades a few years ago, and looks set to make a similar impression on PC Engine owners now that it has been converted to this mega-machine.

Unlike the computer conversions that were released by Elite, PC Engine Space Harrier features all 23 levels that were present in the coin-op original - quite a feat of programming! And it looks and sounds very similar too!

Storywise, there's not a lot to say about Space Harrier - it's just a case of flying over the landscape blasting everything stupid enough to get in your way, and avoiding the enemy craft and any missiles they fire in your general direction.

The enemy are a pretty wild 'n weird mob, and range from futuristic aeroplanes to robots, mammoths, gremlins and bouncing mushrooms! At the end of each level is a giant monster, which you have to destroy. On level one there's a dragon, level two has a load of spinning heads - later ones include androids, a two-headed dragon, pods and opening and closing geodesics.

One of the most impressive features of PC Engine Space Harrier is the graphics; the 3D is fast, smooth and convincing, and the backdrops and sprites are colourful and detailed. The game doesn't just look pretty - it also plays brilliantly too. In fact, I think the PC Engine version is a tad more playable than the coin-op original!

What higher recommendation can I give?