Your Sinclair

Souls Of Darkon

Author: Mike Gerrard
Publisher: Bug Byte
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #12

Souls Of Darkon

Another re-release from the new budget Bug-Byte stable, Souls Of Darkon will already have been seen by lots of you so I'll keep the comments short. Darkon is the baddy in the land of Megron, where you've just landed with the faithful robotic friend Komputa, who hovers around you wherever you go. Destroying Darkon is obviously the mission, and while the adventure is not likely to be the hardest you'll ever come across, it's beautifully presented with plenty of simple but good graphics screens and a very friendly vocabulary. In fact typing in VOCAB prints out a list of the verbs that the program recognises, saving those occasional frustrations, while there's plenty around to EXAMINE.

With coins, swords, crystal fountains and blacksmiths, there's nothing very original in the early stages of the game, but that doesn't matter as the whole thing is well presented. I just hope no hardline adventurers allow themselves to be put off by a program which includes ZAP in its word list!

Mike Gerrard

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