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Home Computing Weekly

By Games Machine
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #51

Green slimy moss covers the crumbling walls of the dark dungeon. In semi-darkness you stumble through catacombs with one thought spurring you on: there must be some point to this game!

There isn't. This arcade adventure lacks the goal that has made its cousins, Atic Atac and Halls Of The Things, so popular.

There is absolutely no means of escape from a 3D maze inhabited by the gruesome skulls. You must simply stay alive for as long as possible, avoiding creepy craniums while picking up coins and gems for points. Occasionally you stumble across a crucifix to ward off the skulls. You are provided with a map, but this slowly disintegrates.

The 3D effect is well created and the screen is rapidly re-drawn as you move about, but the skulls are not as intimidating as the blurb would have them.

A lot of time has gone into the presentation of this package. At the start the screen slides into place very effectively. Your defeat is represented by blood trickling down the screen. There is also a facility for saving, loading and merging your high score which is very useful and should become the norm. Not a first then in game technique, but a first in presentation.


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