ZX Computing

Sigma 7

Publisher: Durell
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in ZX Computing #38

Sigma 7

Described as an "all action arcade game featuring imaginative state-of-the-art 3D graphics and exciting synthesised sound", this is actually three reworked examples of some old games.

The first phase of Sigma 7 is to fly through space to the factory while fighting off the space mines that swarm around you in a series of attack waves. These mines look remarkably similar to alien spacecraft and even fire missiles at you. After surviving a below standard shoot-'em-up, you arrive at a factory that introduces the latest version of Pacman!

In the factory, you must clear the pathways by collecting dots while being chased by robomines that home-in on you from all parts of the scrolling maze. These can be shot with your laser but your main objective is to find the pattern of dots that can't be moved as this forms a combination for stage three.

Sigma 7

The third and final stage is a futuristic puzzle in which you must enter the pattern onto a control box while avoiding a killer sphere that tries to touch your cursor and kill one of your lives.

You begin the game with the standard three lives but gain another three lives when you complete a stage. You could have nine lives by the time you've finished the first level and you'll need them to survive later levels when you have to face more space mines, clear a harder and bigger factory maze and enter a more complicated code.

The graphics are good and do add a new lease of life to these tried and tested game formats but for £7.95 you expect something different.