The Micro User


Author: Simon Rubins
Publisher: Software Express
Machine: BBC/Electron

Published in The Micro User 3.08

Save a damsel in distress

In Shanghai, from Software Express, you have to rescue your fiancee, who has, for some unknown reason, been kidnap ped and is being held on the top floor of an old shanty in Shanghai.

You must climb a series of ladders to reach her - and yes, it's another levels game.

To rescue your "Maid Marian", you must open the cage she is in with the key. This can only be held for a short time, so you must plan your route beforehand.

Pestering you all the time are the local meanies, who are shaped like furry footballs.

One of two ways to get rid of these furry menaces is to use the sword and stab your enemy through the stomach to collect a bonus. You can hold one item at any time and once again time is limited with the sword.

So if it suddenly disappears when you're right beside an enemy, say your prayers or be prepared to do the 100-metre dash.

The second way of getting rid of your enemies is by using the stick of dynamite.

Once the dynamite is lit, a timer appears at the top left of the screen. Drop the dynamite on the level you want - and when the timer runs out, everything on that level will be destroyed.

After you have opened the cage with the key, you must lead your girlfriend down to the tree - and guess where it is? Right down at the bottom level where you started.

On top of all this, you must overcome another hurdle in the shape of the guardian - the ultimate meanie in this game.

Until you unlock the cage he is asleep, but when he wakes you've got trouble.

He moves twice as fast as you and three times faster than your girlfriend, so you must grab the sword quickly and show him what you are made of. But it will take more than one stabbing to kill him.

The graphics are average and the sound is similar. It is, however, a fairly original idea.

All the usual features are available and although no joystick can be used you may choose your own keys with which to play.

Shanghai will take time to complete and, if you are patient and enjoy levels games, of which this is an an above-average example, this is one for you.

Simon Rubins

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