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The Micro User

Sea Lord
By Bug Byte
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 2.02

Zapping aliens in only the tip of the iceberg

Apart from a freeze button and the starter, there are only three controls on this program - rotate left, rotate right and fire - as you drive a mini-sub through an unusual sea covered in places by cuboid icebergs.

The sub has a constant forward motion except at the screen edges, the control being to change direction by 45 degrees on each key-press. Very tricky to do, but a fascinating movement once you get the hang of" it.

The action takes place in a midground fashion under the icebergs but over the background, so it is often obscured and you have to steer by guesswork.

You are attacked by - as far as I've got - four different types of enemy which are announced in a sententious manner before each screen, first one at a time, and then in various combinations.

A program like this can be very annoying, because just when you think you've got the feel of the control you make a mistake - and don't get on to the next screen.

In this annoyance lies its charm. It is simple in concept, but very well implemented.

The compulsion to play it just once more before going to bed has caused quite a lot of marital upset.

I must go now and have one last game before I send the tape back to The Micro User.

Ian Gustard