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Home Computing Weekly

Se-Kaa Of Assiah
By Mastervision
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #96

The presentation is that of a fully illustrated graphic adventure in two parts, each loaded separately. A lot of program for your money! First you acquire the objects to enable you to defeat the Dark Hordes, then replace them in their rightful positions to enable the rule of the Wise Ones to be re-established.

I really like this. The character set, though redesigned, is easy to read, and the input interpreter is sophisticated though slow. The screen layout is attractive, and the graphics are quickly accessed. They are of a high standard, with plenty of detail, and realistic 3D perspective. They really add to the game. The conventional 'up the screen to go North' is reversed, as are East and West, so you have to think, though a screen prompt helps. Lateral movement produces scrolling, whereas N-S movement gives a new illustration.

The programs are documented with a leaflet, but there's not a great deal of real help available in them! One major snag; all extra interfaces must be removed or the programs crash.