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Screaming Wings
By Red Rat
Atari XE/XL

Published in Computer & Video Games #65

Screaming Wings

If you are a fan of the arcade game 1942 and you think yourself unlucky in owning an Atari, then you want to rush out and buy this as soon as you have finished reading this review. Screaming Wings is based upon 1942 and turns out to be one of the better Atari games that are on the market. Atari usually gets left out when it comes to software but Red Rat are changing that. They have released eight games over the Christmas period and are continuing to do so.

Not only are they releasing the software but it is good quality as well. Let's hope that other firms will take notice and realise that the Atari is one of the best computers around and needs a little bit of support.

Right, let's get on with the review. The graphics may be a little bit simpler but I have not seen a lot better on the Atari yet. The planes are small and the animation has been well designed. Some of the planes that you have to destroy are bombers which take a hell of a hammering to destroy. In later stages, some of the enemy do not look like planes but do not be deceived, they require as much shooting as a bomber does.

Some planes that you shoot can give you extra firepower or a bonus, the extra fire is more valuable. At 10,000 points you are given an extra life to continue your mission. The scrolling is very smooth with some nice background graphics to go by from time to time. You are able to perform a loop three times to help you getting out of a little bit of bother, but you have to press the space-bar for these so it is unlikely that you will have time to. If you do not use any of these loops and complete the stage then you are given a bonus of 1,000 points for each loop left.

The sound effects during the game are good except for the annoying background music. The music must be the simplest tune to have to write for any computer and just gets on your nerves after a while. Luckily an option has been included to turn the music off. The high score table has been limited to one entry so if you have competitions with friends you are constantly writing the scores down.

Overall, this has to be a must for any Atari user out there, just a shame about the music really. One tip for the game is to stay on the right hand side of the bomber as he is always firing from his left side. Now you've read the review, you can rush out and buy it.