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Samantha Fox Strip Poker
By Martech
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #55

Samantha Fox Strip Poker

What is a reputable company such as Martech doing unloading this piece of sexploitation onto an unsuspecting public? Trying to make money, that's what! And by all accounts demand for the game is very high.

You've all heard of - and seen - Samantha Fox. Her more than ample charms have been displayed in most of the popular national newspapers.

Even C&VG's Editor - a man known for his exceptionally sheltered lifestyle - recognised Sam from the signed pin-up picture which accompanied this game.

The game starts with the first of several digitised pictures of Samantha Fox. She's wearing - wait for it! - hat, coat, scarf and a pair of glasses.

You then play seven card stud poker against the computer. Win several hands and a new picture of Samantha appears on the screen. Get the idea?

But why bother? If you want to see pictures of Samantha buy a 20p newspaper. The picture quality is better as well.

But did your primly Y-fronted reviewer win? To tell the truth I gave up after the fourth digitised picture and bought a copy of The Sun.

Samantha Fox Strip Poker is also available for the Spectrum 128K for £8.95 and the Amstrad £8.95 for cassette.