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Computer Gamer

By Durell
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #15


Another spin-off from the current fad of martial arts games. This one sees you as a black clad Ninja-type mercenary who has to steal a disk from an enemy complex filled with armed guards, rabid dogs and camera-guided anti-personnel weapons.

The game features you as a rather large sprite that can punch, kick, jump, use weapons, and do all the other things that you would expect from a game of this type. Though the animation during movement is rather good, and is certainly up to the standards that you would expect a martial arts game to have nowadays.

The game progresses from screen to screen - rather than continuously scrolling, which I think looks better. But we're stuck with the screen to screen to screen method. In each screen could be a baddie, who needs to be kicked to death, a useful weapon - a knife or half brick perhaps, or a number of other things.

So you fight your way around the game, and if you're lucky you will get to the helicopter to escape.

A reasonable game which is complemented by good graphics. The game itself has nothing new about it, except that it seems to be a mish-mash of other games and techniques. The large and detailed moving objects are good, as is most of everything else which is in perfect scale.

Whether you will like this game is up to you. If this is the type of game that you like, then there is nothing different about it to put you off. If you don't like this game, then there is really nothing different to attract you.