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Rothman's Football Quiz
By Cassell Ltd
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #1

Rothman's Football Quick Quiz Volume 1

How can it fail? With a picture of Reidy on the box, this game's bound for glory! But can even this compensate for all our resistance to quiz computer games? On the other hand, until the Beeb does a deal this might be the nearest you'll get to soccer on a TV screen.

The loading screen doesn't help the image of dumb footballers by having them totally faceless. Is it just coincidence they're all in quasi Arsenal strip? But of course the pleasure of games like this isn't in the power of the pixels or the groovy graphics. This really is a game for football freaks... and there are still some of us out here you know. Mind you, there's enough quiz thrill in-built to keep the non-Association afficionados interested.

There are four quiz options. Assigned questions, three in a row, the race and the full quiz combining all elements. There's also a bonus system - so much barmy key bashing can go on. But be sure you've the correct answers. Ten points deducted for an own goal if you get it wrong!

The print is clear and the response swift, explanations full - and they'll often include clues to the more arcane questions. Answers are multiple choice so intelligent guessing can count for a lot. The only minor quibble is the program is so long you can waste a lot of time on the re-wind button desperately seeking soccer questions on one of the eighteen available subjects. These are pleasantly varied - from League (Scottish and English) through to European and World and even Non-League. The emphasis is on contemporary soccer, not a lot of stuff pre-'80. What it won't tell you is who are the eleven players whose surnames ending in 'y' played for England between '67 and '81...

Rick Robson

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