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Ronaldo V-Football
By Infogrames
Game Boy Color

Published in Total Game Boy Issue 07

It's a game of two halves!

Ronaldo V-Football

This is definitely a game of two halves. If you want one of the most complete football games to have ever graced your favourite hand-held and if you want the proper, correct names for all the international players then Ronaldo V-Football is the game for you. However, aftertouch and pseudo-management options are great but only if the game itself comes up to scratch, which in this case it doesn't.

Ronaldo's problem is that ultimately it fails to convey any of the excitement and speed of the real game of football. The kicking, scoring and passing moves feel heavy and laboured and tackling feels laborious and monotonous. Eventually, with your soul destroyed, you find yourself cursing the game's very existence and crave for a quick spot of Tetris DX, or at the very leasy something enjoyable.

This could have been a pretty darn good footy game, it has all the right options - more than enough, if truth be told - but the spirit of the game and the enjoyment has somehow been stripped away leaving a soulless and bland game that ought to be left well alone.


Graphics 80%
They do their job well enough.

Sound 80%
Some crowd noise.

Playability 40%
There's a game in here somewhere.

Lastability 40%
Cartridge frisbee anyone?

Overall 65%
Pain stops play.