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Roland Ahoy
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #43

Roland Ahoy

Roland Ahoy is an addictive if not particularly sophisticated release from Amsoft. It is one of those games which you know you can beat quite easily but fail repeatedly to do so.

You play the part of Roland, a vicious and ruthless captain of a pirate ship, on the look-out for any unattended treasure that he can bury on some remote desert island.

Sailing across the ocean is never an easy job at the best of times but sea monsters and rocks don't make Roland's life any easier.

To get to the treasure, you must first help Roland steal cannon balls from the powder quay. As soon as his ship docks at the quay, your ship is attacked with cannon fire and you must guide Roland through the mayhem to collect a box of cannon balls. Once you have loaded up the armaments, you can set sail for the Gold Harbour - the centre of trading for this part of the world and a townf illed with prosperouos merchants and businessmen.

When you have tied your ship up in the harbour, you have to sneak into the town and steal as much treasure as you can carry. Not surprisingly, the town's inhabitants are less than happy about this arrangement and you have to run back to your ship dodging a hail of bullets. From here, you must travel to the nearest desert island to bury your treasure. And this is where Roland Ahoy and I parted company.

At the beginning of this review I said that the game had a certain addictiveness. The only reason the game has any addictive qualities is because you know that the game is dead easy to complete and all you want to do is just that to prove how bad the game is. Unfortunately, you can't even do this because Roland Ahoy has so many annoying features and unexpected bugs.

There is no skill in the game or enjoyment to be got from this piece of software. It is, in fact, an absolute dead loss.