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Amstrad Action

Roland Ahoy
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

Roland Ahoy!

Our seasick little hero has turned to a life of piracy and has to steal treasure from the harbour and deposit it in his cave.

You initially control a ship on a map screen where you have to guide it past floating mines and a sea monster to get to the powder quay. Here you change to a screen where you have to jump a cannon ball in order to get some ammunition. He now goes to the harbour on the map and shoots holes in a protective boom until the ship fits through.

While avoiding another flying object he collects the treasure and returns to the ship. All that is left is to get to his cave where he avoids the falling rocks and spider to deposit the goodies.

Good News

P. Some nice graphics.
P. Interesting interchange of tasks.

Bad News

N. Horrendous sound.
N. Not enough stages to keep you happy.