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Amstrad Action

Rock Raid
By Micro Byte
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

If you thought Asteroids was dead then think again, because this is a colourful version with a few little extras. It's the same basic game of blasting rocks to bits in deep space but there are a few more aliens and skills to cope with.

At the beginning, the screen just has your ship and three asteroids whizzing around. You can rotate left and right and thrust in pursuit of the rocks. Your bombs splinter large asteroids into two medium rocks which also subdivide when hit. If you can shoot these, they vaporise into space dust.

Your ship is vulnerable to any of these colourful, spinning lumps and the slightest brush will splatter you all over screen in lots of little pieces. If you should succeed in knocking out all the rocks, they appear in greater numbers and different colours.

Rock Raid

You are aided by a special option to be used in emergencies which will give you one of six functions. These are hyperspace, flipping 180 degrees, reverse thrusting, smart bombing, a shield or a lucky dip that gives you any one of the other five at random.

The alien ships come in five types, all with different characteristics.

The rock graphics are bright, although the animation on your ship isn't particularly good. The explosions look and sound quite good but the main attractions of the game are the features that make it a very tough challenge and a hectic blast.

Good News

Rock Raid

1. Colourful rocks and aliens 2. Good range of extra options 3. Demands fast reflexes and great concentration 4. A very tough game

Bad News

1. Overlapping graphics aren't very good 2. Not very original 3. Screens don't vary much - just get harder

Second Opinion

A game that oozed nostalgia. You load it up, see what it is, groan and have a desultory blast. Then you remember why games like this got you hooked in the first place and you start smashing those rocks and hyperspacing and smart-bombing and before you know what's happened you've been playing for hours. Most enjoyable.

Bob Wade

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