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Robocop 3
By Sega
Sega Game Gear (EU Version)

Published in Mean Machines Sega #10

Robocop 3

You know what to do with your inner city problems. Burn them down and evict the people. Replace them with a theme park or a drive-thru. To this end, OCP, corrupt corporation of Detroit City, are employing cyborgs to drive the undesirable elements out of the Metropolis. They send Robocop to assist in the operation, but the bi-pedal ben-pan comes over all social-workery and sides with the inhabitants. Now he finds himself caught between ungrateful thugs in singlets, SWAT teams and an array of computerised weaponry. Cripes!

The Goodies

Robocop came as one of the 'Goodies'; now he's fighting them. Goodies include bazooka-carriers, airborne robots, guided grenade throwers and armoured ground units. In general, the armaments of 'Goodies' are deadlier than those of the disorganised.

The Baddies

Splatterpunks have no regard for Robocop, and attack with handguns from all angles, including from windows of surrounding slums. The good thing about Splatterpunk attacks is they're quite weak and their weapons have a minimal effect on Robocop. However, mind out for the motorcycle squadrons who quickly turn Robo into rustbucket.


Unexpected help comes in the form of a broken-down ED-209. A computer whizz-kid rushes on to fix it, just in time for its forces to join you against an onslaught of bazooka troops.


Dredge as I might, I haven't got a whole lot to say about Robocop 3. It's a rather shallow game. Fair enough on the Game Gear, if it was fun - but it's not!

The graphics are okay, if a little drab, and the thumping tunes are some of the better examples of Game Gear music. But the game's too boring and frustrating.

Your large sprite is an unmissable target for most enemy fire, however fast your own trigger is. Coupled with the unimaginative level formats, it's a quick turn off.


We often whinge that games are too easy but there's a fine line between pleasantly challenging (i.e. hard) and ridiculously frustrating (i.e. ridiculously frustrating). This falls into the latter category and boredom soon sets in (along with a foul temper).

It looks okay but it's a tired and tested formula which should have gone out with the ark. Don't bother.


Presentation 78%
P. Options screen, a rare sound test.
N. No two-player or difficulty select.

Graphics 73%
P. Large sprites on Robo and his foes.
N. Drab backgrounds.

Sound 88%
P. Pretty frenetic music for the Game Gear.

Playability 54%
P. Lots of shooting, instant challenge.
N. Bland and unrewarding gameplay.

Lastability 46%
P. Promises to be a tough nut to crack.
N. It doesn't inspire perseverance.

Overall 51%
Robocop suffers a fate worse than death - mediocrity.