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Robin To The Rescue
By Solar
Commodore 16

Published in Home Computing Weekly #113

Although it has a different name, this game is simply a version of Hunchback. Your aim is to guide Robin Hood along the battlements of Nottingham castle and- rescue Maid Marion. On the way he must collect keys and avoid the hazards.

The first screen shows two sections of battlement linked by a rope. Between these are guards wielding pikes, which must be jumped. Whilst this is happening, arrows fly regularly across the screen. These must also be jumped. Once you have collected all the keys and reach the end of the battlements, you move on to the next screen which is similar but you also have falling rocks to negotiate. I must admit that such is the difficulty that I haven't progressed beyond' the second screen so you'll have to find out for yourself what the rest is like.

As you would expect, this is very much a game of timing and perseverance. It certainly has an addictive element but it is also tough. Graphically, there is little difference from Hunchback. The battlements are coloured in shades of green to give a 3D effect. The figures are built up in multicolour mode and are quite effective. As seems to be the case with Cl6 games, the sound is limited, but I suppose you can't expect much from 12K.

This is a good version of a classic game and is sufficiently tough to extract plenty of howls of frustration. Not bad at the price.


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