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Home Computing Weekly

Rivets/Charset 2
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #71

You need a good head for heights in Rivets, though whether you'll find it a truly riveting experience is another matter.

The game starts on the 21st floor of a partially constructed tower block. The site foreman has it in for you! When all your workmates have gone home he makes you collect up the rivets they have left lying around. Trouble is, there are banana skins scattered. Slipping on one sends you down onto the next floor and loses a life. The same happens if you miss your step on girders. When all your lives have gone the building is displayed and you watch your death leap.

All this proceeds in a desperate race against time. There are five skill levels. As the game becomes more difficult you are given less time to finish and more banana skins to avoid.

Although fun at first, the game lacks sufficient variety to give it a lasting addictive quality.

Charset is a short program in which characters have been re-defined and their hexadecimal codes placed in DATA statements.