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River Rescue
By Thorn EMI
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer Games #4

River Rescue

Break out the binoculars, lads, and turn the boat upstream - there's people to rescue!

The river scrolls from right to left and contains logs and crocodiles, which can sink any of your five boats, as can the treacherous riverbanks. You can shoot the crocs or you can avoid them by moving up or down. The riverbanks are fairly straight but do occasionally and unrealistically jut out into the water.

Red wharfs pop up either side and turning into the north one, means a passenger is picked up. They always appear on the north, and will only disembark on the south, leaving you wondering why someone didn't just build a bridge.

Points are gained for distance of river covered, crocodiles shot and people rescued. Rescue nine passengers and you're awarded an extra boat_ If you get far enough, you'll also find biplanes dropping mines into the water.

River Rescue was previously available for the Vic, Atari and TI-99, but with dolphins rather than crocodiles. Shooting dolphins has evidently been seen as unethical.

It's a shame there's only one speed of play; if you want to go faster, all that happens is the boat moves to the right of the screen, giving less warning of what's coming. As for sound effects, the boat engine sounds authentic, but the loss of a boat renders an irritating raspberry.