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Rick Dangerous
By Kixx
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Sinclair User #123

Rick Dangerous

Forget that archaeologist geezer. He's a bit of an old woman compared to Rick Dangerous - and he even wears the same hat! Copy cat.

Mr Dongerous is half-way through a relaxing flight when his plane decides to run out of fuel a nose-dive into the jungle - just next to a lost Aztec temple full of marauding tribesmen! Would you believe it? So begins the first adventure of the most intrepid explorer since Jones. Programmed by Core Design who're better known these days for creating cracking 16-bit games such as Heimdall a Thunderhawk.

Rick enters the temple armed with a big stick, some dynamite and a pistol The last two items are in limited supply a so must be used sparingly. Don't be too down-hearted though, as there are further supplies scattered throughout the temple. Not only must these weapons be used to do away with the natives, they also come in useful in disarming the many traps which the tribesmen have built to get rid of unwanted visitors to their abode.

Rick Dangerous

Rick Dangerous a fairly bog-standard arcade adventure, but this time the hackneyed platform collect 'em up is spiced up with good graphics and addictive gameplay. Some of the traps are extremely puzzling, calling for a fair wodge of forward planning, and it's vitally important that those bullets and sticks of TNT are used sparingly - you'll find that they're most needed just when you have none left!

A big Spectrum hit at full-price, Rick Dangerous should just as well this time around.

Label: Kixx Memory: 48K/128K Price: £3.99 Tape Reviewer: Paul Rand

Overall Summary

Definitely one of the better examples of arcade adventuring on the Speccy. Rick Dangerous looks smart and plays brilliantly, with more than enough game in there to last you until the next Indy film is released.

Paul Rand

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