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Return To Ithaca
By Atlantis
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #56

Return To Ithaca

At £1.99 this adventure is a good buy, there is no doubt. So bear in mind the low price, as you read on for a review must be a critical assessment, irrespective of price.

This is a game they typifies Quilled games at their worst.

The recognised vocabulary is patchy, and the quality of replies to the player is taken into account in the vocab rating, too. "I can't" is just not good enough without some sort of explanation as to why.

Quite often a player will have a perfectly reasonable theory as to why a particular command should produce results, but it is the incorrect one. Some sort of explanation is required, or the player is left wondering whether it is the vocab he entered that is lacking, or the command itself.

The plot covers the journey of Odysseus back to Greece after the fall of Troy, a journey which took ten years. As Odysseus, you must set sail in a galley anchored off a beach near a burning Troy, and your journey takes you to various islands, with tasks to perform and problems to solve on the way.

The game plays quite well. The problems are quite logical, and fairly easy - but are just enough to make you pause and think awhile.

Thinking perhaps the branch was meant to blind the cyclops, barring my exit. I tried, many ways. Whether this was vocabulary or the wrong answer, I could not tell, for "I can't" was the only response I could get.

Pity - could have been a really good game. I suspect that, had it been programmed by the authors, instead of Quilled, a lot more of the detail would have been covered. But it's still good value at the price.