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Home Computing Weekly

Return To Eden
By Level 9 Computing
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #89

As an adventure fan, I viewed the prospect of reviewing the latest Level 9 game with excitement. This particular game marks something of a landmark since it's the first Level 9 adventure with graphics and, much to my surprise, the game doesn't suffer adversely. Granted, the location descriptions are shorter than before, but I am assured there is about 38K of text.

The game follows on from Snowball and features your alter ego Kim Kimberley stranded on the Planet Eden fighting for your life. The scenario is extensive with about 250 locations, most of them illustrated. I won't give any details of the plot: but it'll keep you busy for many an hour.

The game is full of tricky puzzles, some horrendously devious. You gain points for solving the adventure, not for collecting treasure.

The illustrations are drawn in multicolour mode and while relatively simple, are well-designed and do enhance play. Best of all, they're drawn quickly. The game is accompanied by a very good instruction manual and the usual envelope for a free hint.

Overall, excellent value which, in my view, is unsurpassed by any other software house in this country. Buy it and enjoy.