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Repton Thru Time
By Superior/Acornsoft

Published in Acorn User #074

If you have a winning product, would you stop selling it? Of course not, and that's exactly what Superior hasn't done.

Repton Thru Time is its third set of add-on screens for the 'original' Repton 3. For those of you who haven't seen Repton before (both of you!), you guide Repton around a 'maze' of obstacles, collecting objects to complete each successive level. Repton 3 contained rocks, diamonds, skulls and monsters. In Repton Thru Time these have been replaced with new objects, but they all continue to act in exactly the same manner as their prototypes.

In the original Repton, pieces of scenery were all separate. In more recent screens, like these, the scenery pieces have been designed so that they can be placed together to form one larger item.

Repton 3 objects were also very easy to recognise. A rock was round and obviously fell downwards, a key would open a safe to reveal a diamond, and a monster might emerge from a cracked egg. In Repton Thru Time, a falling briefcase can squash you flat, a laser gun can 'open' a Dalek to get a diamond and a giant rat will appear from a disturbed (physically not mentally) dustbin. In this way, the graphics do look different, but the gameplay is identical.

If you are a certified Repton junkie (and who isn't?) you'll love this game too. And I also found the screens trickier than in the previous games.

With rumours of a completely new Repton concept just around the corner, this may be your last chance to experience the original Repton phenomenon - so I recommend you go out and buy it now!

Rob Miller

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