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The Micro User

Repton 3
By Superior/Acornsoft
Archimedes A3000

Published in The Micro User 7.01

Oh no, not again

Repton 3

So you bought your Archimedes and heaved a sigh of relief, thinking you'll never need to play Repton again...? What's this? Your little green friend has moved upmarket too, and here he is in all his glory.

So what's new in the Archimedes version? To be honest, not much. On the disc you get all the original Repton 3, Life Of Repton, Repton Through Time and Around The World In 40 Screens. This makes a grand total of 144 screens on which the passwords and edit codes are different to the original version.

The game runs about 25 per cent faster and the action is much smoother, but apparent screen resolution is identical, as are the colours. In fact, the horizontal resolution is twice as good - pixel size halved, but the screens are exact copies, so that's irrelevant.

You get four new tunes instead of one, all of which are quite competently produced using the built-in sounds, but the third seems to tail off at the end as if it wasn't finished - which is a shame because it's my favourite.

The screen editor is a slight improvement on the original, with better mouse-handling and pop-up menus. But there are still no useful features like mirror and flip in the character designer, which means you have to design the full set of Repton figures individually - even when they are exact mirrors of others!

The full sixteen colours are available and definable, but some are limited for system use. The increased screen resolution makes detailed design much easier as you can see from the new Reptina shown in the picture.

You still can't paint on to the map screen and have to click the mouse for every position. In addition, the handling of teleports is very tricky. On my first map design I lost the first three accidentally and couldn't get them back! However, the screen designer no longer discourages use as it did before.

This is a reasonable package but nothing to get enthusiastic about. Superior intended it to be a conversion from the original, and that's what it is. But the time would surely have been better spent producing something new.

Petra Galloway