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By Superior
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Published in Acorn User #038

If you can imagine what Harry Sinclair looks like after about ten gallons of best bitter then you have a pretty good idea of what the hero of this brilliant new game looks like. And I mean brilliant - for my money the best arcade game for the Beeb and Electron yet!

Colour, sound, super scrolling graphics, some excellent humour and a good challenge just about sum this one up. There are a set of diamonds scattered around a series of underground caves, and you have to collect them by weaving your way through the tunnels. No problem - until a rock hits you on the head taking that cocky smile off your face and you to the undertakers! Some of the diamonds have been craftily placed in cleverly constructed traps, so you need to think before you tackle any diamond with a rock near it.

With about ten minutes practice you can get on to the second of the twelve screens and that is a different prospect. Not only have the number of diamonds increased, but so have the number of rocks. Oh, and then there are the eggs. Eggs? Yes, eggs, perched right on top of the occasional diamond. Drop one of these on the floor and the thing hatches. Not a friendly little lion though, but a reptile that pursues you all over the screen.

Well that's about as far as I've got - but I'll get onto the third screen soon, then there will be only nine more to go!

Of course, our little hero has a mind of his own. Leave him alone for a minute while you replenish the coffee cup and there he is looking left and right waiting for something to happen.

As you reach the second screen (and I'm told all the others) you're given a password. You can use this at the start of a game to allow you to move directly to the screen you are trying to solve - nice one, lads! A map of the underground caverns is available at any time at the press of a key - though I don't find it very easy to see just where I am.

As is the norm these days, there's £100 awaiting the first person to complete screen 12 - get the cheque ready lads, I'm getting there!

Bruce Smith

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