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The Micro User

Renegade Robots
By Senator
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 2.09

Save your planet - it's worth it!

In Renegade Robots from Senator Software, you play a scientist trying to save his planet from deadly robots which have gone out of control.

To protect the laboratory you must re-align the three key control cubes. In order to do this you are able to slide the cubes by pushing them in the required direction.

The cubes will disintegrate if pushed against another cube or a border, but the key cubes cannot be destroyed.

The robots can be knocked out by squashing them against the cubes.

As the robots home in on you they can completely destroy the

cubes - except for the key cubes

from the rest. You are able to pick up a large bonus and an extra man if you can place the key cubes in a special way.

There are two timers in the game, one a preview timer and the other a bonus timer.

The preview timer allows you to work out your moves at the beginning of each screen, a nice touch which comes in very handy.

If the bonus timer reaches zero, then you move onto the next screen.

Each screen appears the same except that the cubes are placed in different positions and there are more robots which move faster.

The control is nice and smooth with keys or joystick and the graphics are good.

There are three levels of skill and I feel that with practice, players would soon progress to the third level, which is difficult but still enjoyable.

There are nice sound effects but the signature tune played before and after a game becomes a little tedious at times.

However you can turn the sound off at any time and there is also a pause-game facility.

Overall the originality and good graphics of Renegade Robots make it extremely addictive and well worth the money.

Simon Rubins

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