Rayman (Ubisoft) Review | Total Game Boy - Everygamegoing

Paragon Publishing

By Ubisoft
Game Boy Color

Published in Total Game Boy Issue 07

The Game Boy gets jiggy with the crazy 3D favourite!


If it is possible for a game that is less than a decade old to be a classic, it has to be the legendary Sega Saturn and PlayStation romp Rayman. Revolutionary graphics and superb gameplay guaranteed millions of happy gamers all those years ago but, unlike the Saturn, the brave Rayman is still going strong today with Rayman 2: The Great Escape available, and now, for the first time ever, the original psychedelic adventure is out to buy for the Game Boy Color.

And what an adventure it still proves to be. You'd expect the odd glitch here and there when it comes to transfferring a 32-bit platformer to the tiny screen, but the graphics and gameplay are just as vibrantly compelling as ever. It's so faithful to the original, you'll hardly believe you're playing a handheld game at all! True, the sound leaves just a little to be desired at times, but as you travel around the levels, astounding detail after detail will leave you flabbergasted at the Game Boy Color's capabilities.

With a full and funny storyline, choice of six languages, and many hidden bonuses, there's never been a better excuse to start swinging on the Game Boy!

Second Opinion

There's no shortage of platform games on the Game Boy Color, but none of them come close to touching the brilliance of Rayman from Ubisoft.

The size of the sprites, the colour packed into the graphics, the exciting gameplay and the great storyline all add up to create what is effectively a PlayStation game on the small screen.

This is a must for anyone's Game Boy software collection. Brilliant!


Graphics 100%
Close to the original.

Sound 40%
Plink-plonk plink-plonk...

Playability 100%
Plenty to keep you occupied.

Lastability 80%
Win, and you're done.

Overall 92%
It's a PlayStation game on the Game Boy Color!