Ravage (Blue Ribbon) Review | Computer & Video Games - Everygamegoing


By Blue Ribbon
BBC Model B

Published in Computer & Video Games #56


You are innocently cruising through space, doing no harm to anyone, when suddenly your scanner warns you that spaceships are approaching fast. You look ahead and see them soaring towards you. In another second, fireballs are hurtling straight at your ship...

In this relaxed space adventure, you choose your own level of play, from dead easy at level 1 all the way up to fast and furious at 9. You can also choose your own keys, although you will probably feel most comfortable with the default ZX*? keys and RETURN.

In the slower modes, you virtually have to go out and find the hostile spaceships by looking for them on the scanner then steering towards them. Once in sight, you must manoeuvre until they are centred in your gunsights, then you hit RETURN to fire and destroy them.